Softball Showcases

A softball showcase is an event that lets student-athletes show off their softball skills. But, unlike a softball camp, there is no instruction or teaching involved.


Are softball showcases worth going to?

Sometimes softball showcases are a good idea, and sometimes they’re not worth the money or the effort required to attend. It’s probably a good idea to go to one or two softball showcases a year, but be sure a showcase is right for you before you pack up the glove and cleats and write a check.


Reasons to attend a softball showcase.

  • When coaches from a college you want to impress are at a showcase it’s a good idea to go. But you should make sure by asking the showcase organizer for a list of college coaches that plan to be there.
  • The showcase can provide good, measurable information about your skills. You can use statistics taken at a showcase, like your throwing velocity or running times, on your online profile. And you can measure your skills against other athletes and discover what areas you need to work on.
  • Some softball showcases add the names of attendees to databases for college coaches. Being on a recruiting list can’t hurt.
  • It’s good overall experience.

Reasons to skip a softball showcase.

  • If you think you should attend a showcase to be “discovered”, you need to think again. The fact that you’ll be with a large number of athletes makes it very hard to impress coaches who aren’t already familiar with you.
  • Softball showcases can be expensive. Choose a select few to attend so that you’re not spending money if you don’t need to.
  • If a softball showcase occurs during an NCAA “quiet period” it means that no NCAA coaches can be there. If you’re hoping to play college softball at an NCAA school, then you should avoid any showcase held during a quiet period.

How important are softball camps?

You know when to attend a showcase,

now find out when/if you should go to a softball camp.

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